All4Ed”s Commitment to Privacy

全部是国家教育政策,实践和宣传非营利组织。全部价值观并尊重所有访客的隐私 all other websites All4Ed maintains, including EDUimages at (“Site(s)”). All4Ed collects only personal information from visitors that is necessary to provide the information and resources sought by visitors to the Site(s). This policy (“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) explains All4Ed’s approach to the privacy of information that personally identifies each visitor (“the User”).

User Consent


Changes to All4Ed’s Privacy Policy


All4Ed will make every effort to avoid drastic changes to this Policy unless necessary. However, to better serve its mission, All4Ed continuously improves the way it operates. Therefore, it may be necessary for All4Ed to update or revise this Privacy Policy. If All4Ed makes material changes to this Policy with respect to how the User’s personal information is used or shared, All4Ed will first notify the User and give the User an opportunity to indicate consent to the new use or sharing of the User’s personally identifying information. All4Ed expressly rejects any terms and conditions proposed by the User that are in addition to or conflict with any changes to the Privacy Policy.


All4ed会在访问其网站时自动收集一些信息。这包括由用户的Web浏览器生成的信息。此信息可以包括用于访问所使用的站点的Internet协议(IP)地址的Internet域,浏览器软件和正在使用的操作系统,用户访问该站点的日期和时间internet address used to link to All4Ed’s Site(s).


All4Ed uses Google Analytics to provide up-to-date user information from its Site(s) so it can provide high-quality services and information. This tool allows All4Ed to improve the Site(s) continually. Google Analytics collects information such as how often the User visits the Site(s), services and pages visited and accessed on each visit, and other sites the User visits. Google Analytics collects the IP address of the computer used to access the Site(s), but it does not collect the User’s name or other identifying information nor is any effort made to identify the User with an IP address. Google Analytics collects this information through attachment of a permanent cookie upon visiting the Site(s) by the User. The User may prevent Google Analytics from recognizing him/her on a visit by disabling cookies on the browser being used. More information on Google Analytics privacy policies can be found at


All4Ed”s Site(s) and/or other All4Ed resources may contain links to third-party websites when they are relevant to activities or issues of interest to its users or that further its mission. All4Ed is not responsible for the privacy practices, policies, or content of third-party sites. If the User links to a third-party website, he/she is subject to the terms of service and privacy policy of that individual site and All4Ed’s Privacy Policy will not apply to any activity by the User on that third-party link. Clicking on a third-party website is a voluntary action and strictly up to the User. The User is encouraged to review the individual privacy policies of all websites the User visits.


The User always can choose not to provide All4Ed with personal information, although it may be needed to access or receive certain information. If the User provides All4Ed with personal information, he/she may elect not to be contacted by All4Ed by indicating as such when creating or updating the User’s records with All4Ed.


Since All4Ed has no way of distinguishing the age of individuals who access All4Ed’s Site(s) unless it receives a specific notification, All4Ed implements the same Privacy Policy for the Sites’ users of all ages. However, while All4Ed is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving K–12 education, its Site(s) are NOT directed at individuals under 13 years of age nor does All4Ed intend to collect personally identifying information from those under 13 years of age. By using All4Ed’s Site(s), the User represents and warrants that he/she is at least 18 years of age or older. If a child has provided All4Ed with personally identifying information without the consent of a parent or guardian, the parent or guardian should immediately contact All4Ed to remove the information from its records.


全部运营其现场,符合15 USC§6501-6506以下的所有法律要求:1998年儿童在线隐私保护法(COPPA)。因此,全部不得不故意收集来自13岁以下儿童的数据或其他信息。鼓励父母和法律监护人监测他们的孩子的计算机和互联网活动。应指示18岁以下的儿童从来没有提供有关全部4个网站的信息。如果儿童在未经父母或监护人同意的情况下提供个人识别信息,则父母或监护人应立即联系全部以删除全部4个记录的信息。有关COPPA的更多信息可以找到

年龄免责声明:All4Ed”s Site(s) and all data-collection tools associated with them are not intended for use by children under the age of 18. By using these Site(s), the User represents and warrants to All4Ed that he/she is at least age 18 years of age or older.

Contact All4Ed

If the User has concerns about privacy at All4Ed’s Site(s), or when using other All4Ed resources, or the User does not wish to be contacted by All4Ed in the future, please